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Duet for Full Bottle and Wine Glass reenacted scores by Fluxus artist George Maciunas during the Christian Marclay exhibition at White Cube, Bermondsey.

Review from Artlyst:

Spitting in public is often labeled anti-social, anti-establishment and suggestive of contempt but Hannah’s detached demeanor and measured rhythms imparted a strange elegance to these activities. Although initially uneasy about performing an anti-institution anti-materialist piece in such an environment the irony of the situation appealed to her: ‘Spitting at White Cube seemed to provide the right amount of hilarity to the proceedings, and I decided that George Maciunas would have approved after all.’ This quiet performance would have benefited from closed doors. The film sound tracks from the corridor were occasionally obtrusive but the lack of amplifiers gave the whole performance a certain simplicity which was in tune with the origins of the piece and the lo-tech approach.

Words: Fiona Robinson © 2015 Photos Top: Fiona Robinson/Middle: Artlyst all rights reserved

This short film was made inside Christian Marclay's exhibition at White Cube Bermondsey and features clips of the events which take place each week for the duration of the show.

Nicolas Collins 
Okkyung Lee with London Sinfonietta
Philip Cornett
Hannah Kemp-Welch

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