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In October 2019, I worked with the Pleasance theatre and The Working Party to deliver workshops for young people living on the Market Estate, in the third most deprived ward in Islington. The project engaged 30 Young People aged 14-21 in creative mentoring and session work training them in transferable theatre-related skills to improve engagement, well-being, relationships and behavior. The cohort explored their relationship to their area, and used theatre techniques to encourage debate, cohesion, resilience and creativity, giving participants the chance and skills to reflect on their surroundings, see the positives in working together and contribute positively to their community. This work culminated in a performance event for the local community, and I worked with young people to co-create the sound for this.

The performance started on the Caledonian Road, where the audience assembled. They then followed a route through the estate, stopping at points to interact with performers who had portable speakers through which they played sound works that gave an introduction to the themes of the piece. The performance imagined a riot in the area, and a community meeting where young people and residents spoke about issues and potential solutions. To create these audio works, young people interviewed local residents and students at a local Pupil Referral Unit. Both groups shared moving stories based on their experiences of the area. 

Audio works produced with young people for the performance:

Images from the performances:

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