Meet Me on the Radio is a new weekly radio show broadcast every Tuesday at 11.30am – 12 midday on Resonance FM. It was conceieved as a parternship between myself and Grant Smith, under the umbrella of Soundcamp, with Meet Me at the Albany, a programme for over 60s by the Albany and Entelechy Arts. 

In March 2020, we were mid-way through a residency working with members of the Meet Me at… community - a vibrant cohort of over 60s. With COVID-19 presenting serious risks for older people, the programme stopped meeting in person and as many of it's members were already at risk of social isolation and without access to digital devices, we began working towards producing a radio show available on FM bands in order to speak to people directly in their homes.


The show aims to provide an accessible and regular source of connection and entertainment led by the creative voices of vulnerable adults in challenging times. Usually, the weekly arts club includes a choir, gardening activity, films and live events and performance - and so we include some of these elements in the show for familiarity. The hosts, two Meet Me... regulars, record their segments via a phone call, and I work to weave together their conversations with archive material, new features made by artists and members, and environmental sounds. Grant installed a stream box in the Albany garden, so we always have an ear out for sounds from the Meet Me... base, and we mine the rich Soundcamp archive of recordings from across the globe, blending sounds of knitting with snapping shrimps, and inviting listeners to enjoy different sonic textures, diverse voices and suprising soundscapes.