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During late 2020, I worked with archivist Rebecca Adams on a series of podcasts, recorded over the phone during lockdown. Rebecca invites guests to discuss the life and work of Mollie Hunte, an educational psychologist whose work focused on Black families and communities from the 1970s – 2000s and whose collection is preserved at London Metropolitan Archives. The series layers field recordings with archival materials, interspersed with memories from guests Carmel Cameron, Professor Dame Elizabeth Anionwu and Dr Elaine Arnold.

Mollie Hunte came to the UK in 1961 where she became an educational psychologist working specifically with young black children in her employment with the London Borough of Ealing (1973-1982) and the London Borough of Brent (1982-1988). She founded and co-founded several key organisations for the Caribbean community including The Caribbean Parents Group (established 1975), PEV Consultancy (1989) and the Caribbean Parents Group Credit Union (1990), organisations that were created to aid the Caribbean community by supporting parents and children through the education system, providing mental health services and assisting in parenting skills.

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