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The weekend clubs reopened in July 2021, drum and bass artist Mantra invited me to record the sounds of Rupture, the night she founded in 2006 with Double O. The night took place at FOLD, a venue that doesn't allow video and photography, so I was invited to document the event through sound. 


Using contact mics to pick up the bass bouncing through the building, hydrophones in drinks and stethoscopes to record ravers' heartbeats, I created a soundscape using recordings from the night, interspersed with chats with the music lovers there. This formed the frame for a two hour radio show on Rinse FM in August 2021, blending together the atmosphere from the night with DJ mixes from the event. 

I was invited back to Rupture in June 2022, to document the event through sound for a second time, for the Rupture show on Rinse FM in July 2022.

If we don't archive our subculture, who will?

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