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Kettle's Yard (University of Cambridge), invited residents of North Cambridge to bring objects that make them think of 'home' to the gallery, and recorded descriptions of them - responding to a prompt from exhibition artist Issam Kourbaj. I worked with these recordings to produce an audio work to weave these stories together and bring them to life with field recordings and found sounds. 

The composition is installed alongside acoustic panels designed by Issam Kourbaj at Arbury Court Library in Cambridge.

April, 2024

Field recordings courtesy of Radio Aporee and friends:
A field of rye in Poznan, Poland. Recording by Maciej Janasik.
Ukulele concert by Coconami in Cologne, Germany. Recording by Udo Noll.
A campfire burns in the countryside outside Berlin, Germany. Recording by Udo Noll.
Knitting with wooden needles, Lucy Warren.
Turning pages at the Women’s Art Library, Hannah Kemp-Welch.
A music box plays The Blue Danube, Hannah Kemp-Welch.
Sunday choir gathering, Lviv, Ukraine. Recording by Jüang Ren.
Georgian musicians waiting at the gate in Boryspil Airport, Ukraine. Recording by John Grzinich.
R. Lindum-Greene plays the handpan drum.
Extracts from the Bagpuss theme.
Children in the playground, Amsterdam suburbs, The Netherlands. Recording by Jillis Molenaar.

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