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Shortwave Listening is a toolkit introducing new audiences to software-defined radio, produced for Soundcamp 2020. The toolkit was introduced during a public workshop delivered during Soundcamp weekend in May 2020.

When we think of radio, we usually think of public broadcast and commercial stations – but the radio spectrum houses many different kinds of communications: military, aviation and marine, data modes and telegraphy, and contacts between amateur radio enthusiasts. This toolkit (audio and text versions) explores radio in an expanded sense, questioning the potential of this medium for human connection. Inside is a beginners guide to the physics of radio, to equip you with tools to be able to use online software-defined radio platforms, to hear voice, data and telegraphy transmissions from all over the world.

As part of Public Works' project for Soundcamp 'PITCH', I was invited to deliver a second workshop on shortwave listening for participants to the School for Civic Action.


Following this, a working group of female artists formed including myself, Georgia Muenster, Lisa Hall, Rhiannon Hunter and Hester BuckTogether, we produced Shortwave Records, an audio log of our collective listening. This piece is accompanied by a text (beside) to guide you through the audio work. 

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