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Unlearning examined the language and spaces of art and how we use particular terms to construct meaning and identity. During this residency, I encouraged visitors to set aside the things we think we know about art, the museum and ourselves to explore anew with words and sounds. 

Over the course of a week, I worked all over Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, observing staff and audiences, taking note of behaviours in the space. Daily workshops with community groups provided new avenues for exploration - bringing sonic play to early years in a takeover of the regular Saturday Family Art Trolley, creating 'unlearning' zines with the young people's collective the Wonder Whys, and engaging two groups of first year fine art students from Teesside University in re-enacting learned behaviours in the gallery. 

The residency was live-streamed on YouTube, culminating in a public performance and leaving behind performance scores developed with visitors to the gallery. 

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