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Audio and Zine
Duration: 8 min.

This work investigates the ‘vanguard’ of Barrow-in-Furness, looking at the duality of the definition:

1.   a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas

2.   the foremost part of an advancing army or naval force.


Vanguard class submarines, which are armed with nuclear missiles, are famously built in Barrow. The work attempts to listen to submarines through radio communications, and through the sentiment of local people towards it. The work asks: how does this homonym reveal values past or present? Presuming that language informs culture, and culture dictates our language, the piece investigates one to give insight into the other.


The voices present are a selection of vanguards the artist met during a week long residency in Barrow - technologists, artists, activists.

Fran Bundey, Jameela Khan and Jocelyn McGregor, Doremi artists

Dave, Dick and Rob, Furness Amatuer Radio Society (FARS)

John Murphy, Barrow Borough Councillor (Labour)

Irene Sanderson, Cumbria Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND)

This work was made during a week long residency organised by Doremi, hosted by Art Gene with Full of Noises and Signal Film and Media. The work was featured in an exhibition at Art Gene, Barrow-in-Furness during November 2018.

Installation images

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