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During January - July 2021, I worked on a project titled 'Voicing the Archive' as the recipient of the Art in the Archive bursary from the Women’s Art Library and Feminist Review.

Whilst the Women’s Art Library was closed due to the restrictions of the pandemic, I collaborated with the curator Dr Althea Greenan to collate packs of photocopied materials relating to artists whose work is represented in the archive. These packs were disseminated via community organisations local to the Women’s Art Library, and I worked with participants at a number of organisations, including We Women at Co-oPepys – Community Arts Project, Goldsmiths University, The MIDI Music Company and Meet Me at the Albany, to explore and discuss the packs together.

This culminated in recorded conversations with seven women, who each selected an artist and responded to their work. These recordings were edited into an audio essay or collage, first broadcast on Resonance FM,12th October 2021. I also produced a series of 10 zines, each representing the work of one of the artists in the collection, which were distributed to community partners.


Artists and works referenced within the audio essay:

The Bride: a tampon chandelier, Joana Vasconcelos, 2005

Make a Salad, Alison Knowles, 1962

Blood Ties, Geraldine Walsh, 1992

Super Disidencia, Nina Hochtl, 2012

Aftertaste, Angela Edmonds, 2001

Drawings, Gloria Anzaldua, 2002

Wedding Bellas, Nella Milic, 2007

Here no one is Illegal, Invasorix, 2014

Macho Intellectual, Invasorix, 2015

Crab Claw and Octopus Morsel, Marcia Bennett Male, 2020

Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Marcia Bennett Male, 1994

The Blonde, Joy Gregory, 2007

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