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In May 2018, I was selected by public vote to be the Open House Artist in Residence at Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, for 2018/2019. Over the course of a year, I worked with groups in North Cambridge to create a new series of sound works, which were shared in the display Hyperlocal Radio.


The display looks at the legacy of the pioneering developments in radio by Pye Ltd in Chesterton, engaging local residents in an expanded view of radio production, and questioning the social impact of Cambridge’s Silicon Fen. Collaborating with residents of North Cambridge, I worked with groups to capture stories, songs and sounds, which celebrate the diversity of voices within this community.


These were shared in a special broadcast as part of Open House Radio on 13 February 2019 with Cambridge 105 Radio, a community radio station based in the city. Hyperlocal Radio brings together both the sound and visual pieces created through work with community collaborators and Kettle’s Yard Artist Facilitators. Each have customised a portable Pye Radio which also contains a sound work created with participants.

Hyperlocal Radio was on display in March-April 2019 at Kettle's Yard and off-site with additional cases found at the Meadows Community Centre and Arbury Community Centre in North Cambridge. An estimated 19,850 people listened to Open House Radio and 15,000 people visited the Hyperlocal Radio displays.

Guide to audio works

Selected audio works

Installation images


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