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Open House is a long-term collaboration between Kettle’s Yard and their neighbouring communities in North Cambridge. Open House welcomes an Artist in Residence each year, selected by the community, to explore the area, collaborate with local residents and create new artwork together.

As the 2018-19 Artist in Residence, I worked with groups in Arbury, Kings Hedges and East Chesterton, creating and collecting stories, songs and sounds. My work considered the legacy of Pye Limited in North Cambridge, their work developing radio technology and the social history of Pye as a local employer.


The resulting audio works, created with community groups, were broadcast on Cambridge 105 Radio on World Radio Day, 13th February 2019. Works were displayed in old Pye Radio cases, in the exhibition Hyperlocal Radio at Kettle's Yard in March-April 2019, with a series of talks, walks and workshops running alongside. 

A few photos from the residency: 

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